Strategic Visioning

Get to the 8%.

A vision sets your direction.  A strategy gets you there.  Your strategy may need a visual element to make it happen.  Get there with The Vivid Ink Company. Illustrated Models give you the traction you need.

A full 92% of teams that get together to build a strategy for their company or their group fail to make it a reality.  Even with the use of facilitators, you are betting that your team gets above the noise and sticks to that plan all year.  The reality is, when you are sitting at your desk or workstation, life kicks in.  All those "important but not urgent" Quadrant 2 items that you planned to move the company forward get overrun by email, phone calls and urgent meetings.  

Be part of the 8%.  Add something to your strategy that will build muscle memory for it.  Remind your team what they said with an Illustrated Model from The Vivid Ink Company.  

Research shows us that emotions and memory are tied together.  Getting your team to act on your strategy starts with them remembering it.  If you left the room and that 32-point bulleted list of calendar-driven items isn't enough to bring it home for them, give them a visual they will remember.  Illustrate your deliverables and make them happen.  Bring your strategy to life and get it to stick. 


Each of our sessions are built for what you need.  Whether you are launching or re-launching with a small group or hundreds of people, we have the tools, the people and the ink to make it happen.


We draw live and remote. If you have a facilitator in the room driving the session, add us to get a visual representation of the work you did and why it was important in the end.  Ideas that formed the foundation for the written, bulleted strategic plan may not end up in the plan itself. Representing them in the Illustrated Model leaves no ideas behind and helps people see why and how the items they need to achieve are important.  It's the why behind your what

Once your plan is written, hold a review session to capture a visual of the strategic plan itself.  A Strategic Visioning model will show you both where you're going and how you plan to get there.  


A delayed strategy...

You will meet with your facilitator over multiple days or weeks to discuss your strategy and set your plan.  These meetings involve various groups from your team and maybe even customer conversations and market or industry analysis.  All the while, your team is waiting to know where they're going and how you're going to get there. 

Once you're done, the facilitator will need a little time to tie up all the loose ends into a comprehensive strategy document.  You may iterate the final version, too, before it's complete.  The whole process can extend your strategic planning work weeks or months.   

leaves opportunity for a model right now.

We build our models on the spot.  Original ink drawings of your connected words and ideas.  While you are perfecting that written document that you will track to, an Illustrated Model built in the moment and available immediately gives you something to fuel the creative juices you just unleashed.  We hear from teams that they were able to make progress on the plan even before getting the final strategy back, using the model to drive and keep the momentum.  

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