Vivid Strategy

Everyone sets a strategy.  8% execute on it.

You get a team together to build your strategy.  You capture their ideas, insights and attention into a cohesive message.  When you return to your desk, life takes over.  92% of you leave it there.  Illustrated Models give you the traction you need.

Only 8% of management teams are capable of executing their strategic plan.  If it's difficult to get above the noise and keep their commitment to your cause for a full year, use a Vivid Illustrator to bring your strategy to life and get it to stick. 

Studies show us that people who have an emotional reaction to something remember it.  Getting your team to remember the plan you created is the first step to executing it.  Illustrate your ideas and make them happen. 

Each of our sessions are built for what you need.  Whether you are launching or re-launching with a small group or hundreds of people, we have the tools, the people and the ink to make it happen.


We draw live.  As your team meets and discusses strategy, we capture the ideas you keep and those you use to build the strategy along the way.  Interconnection of these ideas is critical to the plan you end up with but many of these are missed or written over by the time the plan is complete.  Adding a live Illustrated Model to your session gives your audience immediate and long-lasting value.  

People look to see their words and their contributions in the drawings.  Many see what they contributed in content that others think is theirs.  

When do you get your strategy?

Your facilitator is going to need a little time to tie all those great ideas together into a comprehensive strategy.  You will iterate a few times, too, before you come to decision on the final version.  

When do you get your Illustrated Model?

Right then.  Just when it happens.  While your facilitator takes the time to perfect a strategy for you and your team, you have something to fuel the creative juices you just unleashed.  We hear from teams that they were able to make progress on the plan even before getting it back, using the drawings to keep the momentum.  

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