TED Talks & Authors

Rise above the fold. 

Each year, over a million books are published.  You need to be 1 in a million.  Illustrated Models give you the impact you need for your written word.

If you have spent a lifetime researching, writing and speaking about something, you need more than words to make your audience true believers.  You need to stand out.  

You have a natural passion for your subject, having spent a lifetime living and researching the content.  The speaking circuit and TED Talks give you another venue to get the message out, but also advertises the work you've done to expand your audience.  You surely want people to not just buy the book, but take in the content and take action on it.  

An Illustrated Model keeps your audience engaged and provides context for those who remember the picture before the words.  


Authors today have to pitch their own content.  You become the brand.  Whatever your message, if you want people to believe in your ideas, use them and push them forward, you may need to consider an Illustrated Model.  Perhaps you offer consulting or coaching services?  How can you convert an attendee or reader into a client?  

Use a Vivid Illustrator at your next talk.

Research suggests that up to 65% of the general population are visual learners. These people need an image to etch your content in their minds and engage.  A Vivid Illustrator puts your words into actionable content for your audience with an original ink drawing.  Use the model as a key takeaway for attendees, a follow-up to reconnect with them or on social media to push your message out and continue the conversation.  

Insert an Illustrated Model into your book.

For those same visual learners, you can include an Illustrated Model in your book.  Put it right there in the pages to tie together the concepts and stick with the reader.  Build it over the course of your work into an integrated image of the entirety of the manuscript, but start with the basics.  Ask us how.