The Vivid Conversation

Remember what was said.

Act on it.  Or just keep it. 

We illustrate important conversations.  Things you want or need to remember.  Stuff you have to take action on and need the right visual impetus to keep it front of mind.  

Whether you are a coach with a round-table, a teacher with a classroom or just a daughter or son who wants to remember the important lessons of those who came before you, The Vivid Ink Company makes that conversation memorable.  Actionable.  


It starts with you.  Add a topic and an audience of one or more people.  Perhaps you are the audience.  The Vivid Conversation is all about remembering content that is important to you.  

We draw live.  That means, as you are speaking, we are creating an image of your thoughts and how they interconnect.  As the conversation develops, so does the drawing.  Illustrated Models give your audience immediate and long-lasting value.  


For Coaches

Extend your message

You may meet with your clients just once per month or quarter. An Illustrated Model extends the conversation and makes your points memorable.


For Teachers

Focus your message

You may cover a lot of ground in one class. An Illustrated Model focuses the content and highlights the most important things.


For Loved Ones

Archive your conversation

You may have a loved one that's aging or losing memories. An Illustrated Model captures the stories you want to both share and remember.