Vivid Web & Podcasts

You bring the message.  People listen halfway.   

People attend webcasts while they're shopping, driving, eating - doing anything but paying attention.  Podcasts are even more challenging without a visual element.  Illustrated Models give you the optics you need for your heard word.

Webcasts might be a great way to deliver content, but they don't ensure you're connecting.  You need to stand out in a sea of others.  For every idea of great content you have to share, at least dozens of others are trying to do the same thing in other markets around the world. 

Podcasts are even more challenging.  There's no visual element.  The session is not live.  And, chances are, your audience is doing something else while listening to you.  How can you keep their attention?

Deliver something different.  Own your market.  Original artwork keeps it interesting.  Live artwork makes it both memorable and actionable.  


We draw live.  That means, as you are speaking, we are creating an image of your thoughts and how they interconnect.  Webcasts are meant to deliver meaningful content in short bursts.  Adding a live Illustrated Model to your session gives your audience immediate and long-lasting value.  

"I didn't remember anything out of the webcast, but I remembered the content a year later with the Illustrated Model."  

Delivery following the session

We don't enhance our images. The live art is done while you speak, so the image is ready as soon as you are done.  We send you a digital image of the paper and ink drawing and an original in the mail shortly thereafter.  

Delivery during the session

Recently, we've been asked to deliver at the end of a webcast so the audience can see what we've been working on.  We can put a copy of the image up on the screen after Q&A so you can leave a lasting impression on your audience.  Send it or post it after to get more traction for your message.  


Just because a podcast isn't live for the audience doesn't mean you can't give them a live element.  We can draw as you are recording, giving you one more means of connecting with your audience and increasing the value of your content.  

Many of our customers use the digital copy of their Illustrated Model to drive interest in their podcasts, posting it on social media to increase awareness.